ESGO 2021
22nd European Congress on Gynaecological Oncology Logo and Prag picture

Biotype is attending the 22nd European Congress on Gynaecological Oncology which will take place from 23 - 25 October 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The ESGO 2021 congress will focus on the current advancements in the diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive areas of gynaecological oncology. Clinical researchers around Europe are now attempting to bring the TCGA molecular-based classification for endometrial carcinoma into clinical practice.

Visit the Biotype booth # 3 and discover how Modaplex instrument and Modaplex POLE / POLD1 and MSI assays provide support to effectively address the TCGA molecular-based classification approach in a single instrument run.

Our delegates are constantly looking forward to sharing their expertise within the scientific societies, participating in fruitful discussions, and learning about all the new advancements in the field of pathology.