Sampletype i-sep® System

Sampletype i-sep® - Biotype’s sample preparation and DNA extraction system for medical and forensic labs. A single tube assembly dramatically streamlines the off-line lysis portion of the DNA extraction method in combining the cell lysate preparation with DNA isolation.

Whether you are working in a small or high-throughput medical or forensic lab, you need proven solutions for evidentiary workflows to process samples quickly and effectively with little downtime or repetitive analysis.

Biotype offers the Sampletype i-sep® system to help you: achieve the best analytical results possible, streamline workflows and improve overall laboratory efficiency.

Sampletype i-sep® spin columns allow innovative separation of cell lysates for DNA isolation in the same device. Lysis Buffer is added directly into the Sampletype i-sep® spin column along with the sample for sample lysis. Simple and fast separation of cell lysate from substrate with this unique single tube assembly is achieved by centrifugation. The collection tube is then loaded directly on the robotic platform for further DNA-purification. This eliminates the manual lysate or substrate transfer steps, saving time, minimising cross-contamination and sample transposition.

Sampletype i-sep® System - Product Highlights

  • Lysis and separation of substrate performed in a single device
  • Flexibility in terms of the applied lysis conditions and the required reagents
  • Low evaporation rates
  • Incubation at higher temperature (up to 95 °C)
  • Quantitative recovery of lysate results in an enhanced yield of extracted DNA
  • Improved and highly reproducible process flow
  • No manual transfer of the substrate
  • No pellet recovery
  • No extra pipetting steps
  • Rapid cell lysate protocols
  • Closed system that minimises the risk of cross-contaminations and sample transposition
  • Ideally suitable for barcoding, because single tube assembly avoids switching to another tube
  • Compatible to any consecutive DNA isolation, both manual and automated
ETO sterile

Sampletype i-sep® DL allows gradual buffer separation. This dramatically rationalizes the process of differential lysis which allows analysing mixed samples of sexual assault evidence in one hour. Furthermore, sample preparation procedures requiring consecutive separation of different liquid reagents can be easily adapted. FFPE tissue extraction is just one example. 

Sampletype i-sep® SQ guarantees improved yield, reproducibility, and overall purity of isolated DNA for further DNA testing in medical and forensic laboratories. Cell lysate protocols with temperatures up to 95 °C can be used to process a huge variety of samples, such as DNA swabs, tissue or biological fluids. 

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