Proof of origin: Animaltype Pig

We offer you for the proof of origine of pigs or pork products our Animaltype Pig Kit.

Animaltype Pig is a multiplex PCR test kit specifically developed for the genotyping of breeding livestock from faeces, of foodstuff, tissue or other complex samples for proof-of-origin in meat products and generally for quality management in food industry.

Animaltype Pig was the first commercially available test kit for fast and reliable genotyping of pigs. It includes eleven tetranucleotide-markers. For the most important breeding stocks German Large White (LW), German Landrace (GL), and “Piétrain” (Pi) the combined Power of Exclusion (cPE) of these STR-Markers is equivalent or even better then the 15 dinucleotide-STRs recommended for Germany or Austria.

In one PCR reaction, the eleven polymorphic tetranucleotide Short Tandem Repeats loci 387A12F, S0655, SBH1, SBH2, SBH4, SBH10, SBH13, SBH18, SBH19, SBH20, and SBH22 as well as the gender-specific marker SBH23 are amplified simultaneously. Additionally, the test kit is provided with an allelic ladder and Control DNA that allow standardisation of allele designation between different laboratories.

Preferentially, Animaltype Pig is employed for fast and reliable DNA genotyping of blood or tissue samples (especially ear cartilage). One primer for each locus is fluorescence-labelled with 6-FAM (SBH2, SBH18, SBH4, S0655), HEX (SBH23, SBH20, SBH1, SBH10) or NED (SBH13, 387A12F, SBH22, SBH19) whereas a well-balanced intensity of all signals was elaborated for the primer mix.

The test kit is recommended for the following applications:

  • Proof of origin according the EU-Directive
  • Kinship testing in context with control of breeding
  • Status of inbreeding for herd book populations

The detection limit of Animaltype Pig  test kit is less than 10 ng genomic DNA. We recommend to apply 1-10 ng DNA template.

Read more about the kit in the lates FSI Gnetics publication:
Caratti et al., 2010 

Allele designation of STR-markers (genotyping) can be carried out with suitable analysis software, e. g. Genotyper® or GeneMapper™ ID. in combination with the Template Files from Biotype AG.
The appropriate software with the imported Biotype® Template Files assigns the analyzed DNA fragments relative to their length to the allele designation (labels) of the STR loci. Optionally, the corresponding length of fragments of the peaks in base pairs or the peak height in relative fluorescent units (RFU) can be indicated. These data (Genotypes) can be tabulated and exported.
You can download the Biotype® Template Files from this site. On request, we will send you a CD-ROM free of charge.


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