Biotype Diagnostic GmbH works continuously to develop and deliver unique molecular diagnostic solutions that set new performance and quality standards for test systems in clinical research and diagnostic. Today, our Mentype® products provide healthcare professionals with the vital information to complex clinical problems in the areas leukemia and dermatology. Please get in contact about our increasing product portfolio.

NEW: ChimerisTM Monitor 2.0

ChimerisTM Monitor 2.0 – the new professional software for automated chimerism analysis combining speed and accuracy with an intuitive and customised interface.

•  Calculation of percent-chimerism
•  High resolution reports
•  Selection of informative loci through color coding
•  Parallel comparison of chimerism in diverse specimens
•  Direct fsa-file import
•  No need for additional fragment length analysis software

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Mentype® Solutions for Chimerism Monitoring

Mentype® DIPquant the quantitative approach for allele-specific monitoring

Mentype® DIPscreen mediats the switch towards quantitative analysis

Mentype® Chimera® the established standard for chimerism testing in early stages of transplant engraftment

ChimerisTM Monitor the encompassing software for analysis and quantification



Transitioning from RUO to IVD performed - A straight forward molecular diagnostics is now available, identifying, at the same time, in total 21 dermatophytosis causing pathogens.

Here’s a quick reminder of some of the advanced features of the multiparameter test that will soon own his place within the diagnostics of dermatomycosis:

StandardizationTime savings ReliabilityEfficiencyNo mix-upsGenome basedThroughputHandling

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