Mentype® DigitalScreen / DigitalQuant assays are available for the digital PCR-based chimerism analysis. Mentype® DigitalScreen mediates the donor/recipient screening for informative loci. Allele-specific Mentype® DigitalQuant duplex-assays allow highly sensitive and accurate chimerism monitoring. Digital PCR (dPCR) is a quantitative approach to assess the absolute copy number of target DNA. It is easy to perform, needs only small amounts of DNA and does not require the use of standard curves and replicate analysis. Particularly in the difficult range of mixed chimerism dPCR-based Mentype® DigitalScreen / DigitalQuant are perfectly suited

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ChimerisTM Monitor 2.0 – the new professional software for automated chimerism analysis combining speed and accuracy with an intuitive and customised interface.

•  Calculation of percent-chimerism
•  High resolution reports
•  Selection of informative loci through color coding
•  Parallel comparison of chimerism in diverse specimens
•  Direct fsa-file import
•  No need for additional fragment length analysis software

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Mentype® DIPquant the quantitative approach
for allele-specific monitoring

Mentype® DIPscreen mediats the switch towards quantitative analysis

Mentype® Chimera® the established standard for chimerism testing in early stages of transplant engraftment

ChimerisTM Monitor 2.0 the encompassing
software for analysis and quantification

With the combination of multiplex PCR and Lateral-Flow analysis, the Biotype Diagnostic GmbH offers unrivaled an extremely sensitive and rapid detection of pathogens of dermatomycosis according to the requirements of the the MiQ* and the new Rili-BÄK** guidelines.

Already two years after the launch of Mentype® MycoDermQS, Mentype® MycoDermQS Lateral Flow is now raring.The development department of Biotype decided, in order to meet the requirements of the Rili-BÄK guidelines for quality, to replace the agarose gel analysis with the Lateral Flow detection and established the new, safe method.

Mentype® MycoDermQS Lateral Flow

•  Detection of all pathogen classes dermatophytes, yeasts, molds and 12 species within
•  Certain identification of mixed  infections
•  Diagnosis of already medicated or treated patients
•  Lab investigation is completed within 24 hours
•  MiQ and Rili-BÄK conformity

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