Simplify Molecular Precision Testing

Leverage MODAPLEX to Improve Your Multi-Gene Testing Workflow

In an era where new biomarkers are introduced into translational research and clinical routine at an unprecedented pace, there is a growing need for advanced technologies that facilitate in-house testing of molecular markers. This approach not only maximizes the utilization of limited tissue samples but also significantly reduces critical turnaround times. The MODAPLEX platform’s 4-hour integrated workflow enables professional laboratories to easily adopt this method for in-house testing, promising faster results and improved care coordination.

MODAPLEX – More in One

More actionable insights for improved decision-making

MODAPLEX Enabling Platform

A Comprehensive Molecular Profiling Solution for Actionable Biomarker Panels

MODAPLEX for Molecular Profiling

Assays Provided by BIOTYPE

Use the MODAPLEX instrument with ready-to-use molecular test solutions that overcome current multiplexing constraints.

Realize Your Assay of Interest

BIOTYPE offers you the possibility to develop, transfer, and commercialize your PCR multiplex & multi-biomarker assays on the MODAPLEX.

MODAPLEX for Assay Development & Licensing


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