MODAPLEX Instrument

Benchtop system for molecular multi-marker testing


  • Closed system for automated molecular profiling in perfect synergy with BIOTYPE’s assay portfolio
  • Intuitive software tailored to the assays, generating reports without the need for additional bioinformatics expertise
  • Enabling platform for modular multi-gene and multi-marker testing to realize your comprehensive molecular assays
  • The MODAPLEX system offers the freedom to develop and commercialize your own MODAPLEX assays
  • Fully integrated workflow from sample input to data analysis in 4 h


  • DNA analysis (mutations, INDELS, copy number variations, polymorphisms)
  • RNA analysis (gene fusions, gene expression)
  • Fragment analysis
  • Pathogen detection (syndromic testing)


  • MODAPLEX Cartridge
  • MODAPLEX Buffer
  • MODAPLEX Decon
  • POP-7™ Polymer for 3730/3730xl DNA Analyzers
  • Aluminum sealing film
  • Mineral Oil
  • 10X Capillary Protection Buffer Kit

Product Specifications

  • Components
  • MODAPLEX instrument, software, consumables, assays
  • Software
  • MODAPLEX software for run set-up, data analysis, and report generation
  • Maximum capacity
  • 48 reactions/run
  • Turnaround time
  • 4h
  • Detection
  • Fluorescence-based detection
  • Equipped lasers
  • Blue laser: 488 nm, Red laser: 639 nm
  • Detection channels
  • FAM, Cy5
  • Dimensions (WxDxH)
  • 600 x 515 x 908 mm; monitor not included


The MODAPLEX load-and-walk-away workflow is identical for all tests and combinations of tests. The workflow comprises three steps: PCR set-up, Modaplex run, and data analysis. Results are evaluated with the MODAPLEX Reporter software. The MODAPLEX Reporter software provides automatic import of acquired data from the MODAPLEX device, along with the analysis and summary of results in a comprehensive report.

Desktop: Prozessschritte und Dauer
Mobil: Darstellung von Schritten und Dauer


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