Droplex POLE Mutation Test

Detection of the 6 defined mutations within the POLE gene


Endometrial Cancer (EC) is one of the increasing concern cancer type for women over the years. Globally, the risk is also increasing - according to the WHO in 2018, it ranked fourth in the prevalence and mortality of cancer among women. Although POLE Mutation is shown in only 9 % of EC patients, it is an important subgroup of Endometrial Cancer, because they are indicator of relatively good prognosis for patients. The CE-IVD certified Droplex POLE Mutation Test detects 6 defined mutations within the POLE gene coding for the catalytic subunit of polymerase epsilon using Digital DropletTM Technology.

BIOTYPE is the exclusive distributor of the Droplex Test Series in Germany. Legal manufacturer of the kits is GENCURIX, Inc.


Exon 9: P286R, S297F

Exon 13: V411L (2 Subtypen)

Exon 14: A456P, S459F

Product specifications

  • Cat. No.
  • CD008
  • Cancer type
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Regulatory status
  • CE-IVD
  • Compatible sample type
  • DNA from FFPE tissue
  • Mutation variants
  • 6
  • Kit size/ reactions
  • 32 samples/kit (3 well-reactions/sample)
  • Platform
  • Digital DropletTM PCR


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Ordering Information

Droplex POLE Mutation Test

Kit size/ reactions: 32 samples/kit (3 well-reactions/sample)
Cat. No.: CD008
Status: CE-IVD

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