Assays for Forensic Applications

Proven solutions to obtain reliable results

BIOTYPE offers solutions for medical and forensic labs to effectively process samples and obtain reliable results. Explore the possibilities to optimize your workflow for human identification testing. Our solutions can easily be integrated into your current workflow and improve overall laboratory efficiency. Because forensic material is often limited, we put special focus on optimal sample preparation to get the most out of the sample material.

DNA Extraction

Sampletype i-sep® is a single tube sample preparation and DNA extraction system. It simplifies the workflow and reduces the cross-contamination risk. The system consists of two types of spin columns: SQ for single DNA separation and DL for differential lysis, which are perfectly combined with the proprietary lysis buffer Sampletype i-sep® MB.

STR Assay for Human Identification

BIOTYPE offers a cost-efficient and robust STR assay for fast and reliable pre-qualification and classification of human profiles. The kit Mentype® Nonaplex I enables the analysis of eight STR markers (core markers for Germany and Interpol), and one sex-specific locus.

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