Multiplex Assay Development

Customized multiplex assays for PCR and MODAPLEX platforms

Designing multiplex PCR assays is challenging. We at BIOTYPE have 25 years of experience in realizing complex assays and can assist you in making your custom multiplex assay a reality. From simple, optimized in-silico design over a ready-to-test prototype all the way to certified CE-IVD assay, you decide where we can support you.

Advanced Multiplex Assay Design for PCR and MODAPLEX Platforms

PCR Platforms

Fully utilize the technical capabilities of your PCR devices for the parallel detection of biomarkers. Whether real-time PCR or digital PCR, our extensive bioinformatic and multiplex PCR development expertise enables you to develop PCR assays that save time, costs and valuable sample material.

MODAPLEX Enabling Platform

The MODAPLEX Platform merges polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and capillary electrophoresis (CE) into one automated workflow. This technology merge enables the analysis of multiple molecular markers in a single workflow under routine settings. BIOTYPE supports you in the development of your own assays on the MODAPLEX platform.

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