Demo Lab

Get the best possible training in our state-of-the-art facilities

Use the opportunity to gain your first experience of using our MODAPLEX device, assays, and data analysis for comprehensive molecular profiling results.

Schulung unter (echten) Laborbedingungen im MODAPLEX Demo Lab

Training under lab conditions

Unlock the potential for on-device training under professional laboratory conditions, empowering you to optimize workflow efficiency right in your own lab.

Technical workshops

Gain valuable insights into our technology and assays with structured training materials and hands-on sessions led by our highly experienced personnel, allowing you to benefit from in-depth training and expertise.

Technische Erläuterung im MODAPLEX Demo Lab
Nutzen Sie Ihr eigenes Probenmaterial im MODAPLEX Demo Lab

Use your own sample material

Utilize your own sample material to compare your current method, results, and assay performance, enabling a comprehensive evaluation. Collaborate on data analysis with our experienced personnel for insightful interpretation and guidance.

Benefit from an experienced MODAPLEX team at your side

Experience our dedicated customer support team, providing expert support not only for training sessions, but also in continuous post-training assistance.

FAQs on the MODAPLEX Demo Lab

How do I book a Demo lab appointment?

If you are interested in a MODAPLEX demonstration please refer to our contact formular for further information. We offer initial online product presentations as a perfect preparation for the demo lab appointment.

What is the expected time investment?

It depends on the number of products that are of interest. Generally, we recommend 1 to 3 days.

Are external samples accepted, and if they are, what requirements do they need to meet?

Yes, you're welcome to bring your own samples. Depending on the specific assay you're interested in, your samples should be either RNA or DNA, prepared according to our recommended guidelines.


Reach out to BIOTYPE for your MODAPLEX demonstration.

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