Enabling Platform

MODAPLEX for Assay Development & Licensing

BIOTYPE offers you the possibility to develop, transfer, and commercialize your multi-gene & multi-marker assays on the MODAPLEX system, enabling you in pursuing your strategic and portfolio interests.

Das Potenzial von Multiplexing mit dem MODAPLEX Enabling Plattform voll ausschöpfen

Benefit From the Full Multiplex Potential

  • Upgrade your portfolio with highly valuable assays
  • Detect more targets in one run
  • Improve assay performance with our proprietary assay chemistry
  • Develop assays that really address the needs of your customers
  • Utilize the familiar PCR workflow with little hands-on time

Infectious Diseases
Rare Diseases
Genetic Diseases
Molecular Oncology*
*Provided by BIOTYPE
Molecular Pathology*
*Provided by BIOTYPE
Translational and Clinical Research
Pharma R&D and Clinical Studies

MODAPLEX for Assay Development

Support your research with relevant lab-developed tests.


Start with the advanced multiplex assay design for the MODAPLEX Platform!