Molecular diagnostics for precision medicine


BIOTYPE is an innovative German solution provider for molecular precision diagnostics. We are committed to advancing precision medicine through our products & services for robust analysis and interpretation of clinical biomarkers.

BIOTYPE offers a strong portfolio in molecular cancer diagnostics for applications in hemato-oncology, liquid biopsy, and molecular profiling of solid tumors. The portfolio includes IVD assays for clinical diagnostics and RUO assays for translational and clinical research. In addition, BIOTYPE offers high-quality and IVD-compliant contract development and manufacturing services. Our proprietary MODAPLEX platform is a benchtop system for automated molecular profiling and multi-biomarker testing. MODAPLEX addresses the growing need to simplify and accelerate molecular precision testing by reliably delivering essential biomarker information required for decision-making in precision medicine. The MODAPLEX consolidates multi-gene testing into one workflow with same-day results.

BIOTYPE‘s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 13485:2016.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe in a world where everyone has easy access to precision diagnostics. This will enable rapid and accurate diagnosis of complex diseases, targeted treatment decisions and effective therapies. By combining our expertise in molecular biology, technology development and data analysis, we are helping to improve the quality of life for patients with complex diseases.

Our Values

Successful Teams

We recognize every day that the success of the company depends on constructive, solution-oriented collaboration within individual teams and across departments and divisions. We value trust, respect, and cooperation. We celebrate successes together and regularly organize events to grow together.

Customer Focus

We inspire our customers with high-quality products and services tailored to their needs. We are fast in responding to the needs of our customers. We are proud of our customer support.


Quality is our highest priority. We are committed to maintaining and developing our quality management system to ensure the highest quality of our products, services, and processes. We actively promote sustainability in our operations and are committed to continuous.


We are a reliable business partner for our customers and suppliers. We demonstrate corporate responsibility through our company culture and operational activities, being regularly audited by notified bodies. Developing and marketing safe and effective products is our primary objective.


We drive progress by fostering innovation in all areas of our business. This approach enables us to invent, develop, and market new, innovative solutions for precision diagnostics. We focus on the sustainable and profitable development of BIOTYPE GmbH in a highly dynamic market environment.

25 Years BIOTYPE

Founded in 1999 and privately owned since then, BIOTYPE's core business for many years has been PCR multiplex applications for forensic and professional laboratories in various industries.  

Since then, BIOTYPE has gained extensive expertise in providing high quality molecular diagnostic products and services to clinical laboratories, IVD, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and research institutions worldwide.  

Today, BIOTYPE is a molecular diagnostics company providing the highest quality molecular testing systems, including assays, proprietary biochemistry, instrumentation and software.