First POLE/POLD1 Mutation Analysis Kit scientific publication presented

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The first ever scientific publication of our MODAPLEX POLE/POLD1 Mutation Analysis Kit was presented during this year’s ESMO Gynaecological Cancers Congress in Barcelona!

The poster showed that our platform and our kit is a fast and reliable solution for detecting the clinically most relevant POLE hotspot mutations in endometrial carcinomas.

We're honoured that our MODAPLEX technology was selected to showcase its promising contribution to advance precision oncology. The validation of our MODAPLEX platform demonstrated its suitability for mutation analysis as alternative to sequencing. We're excited to see how our technology can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

A special thanks to Prof. Xavier Matias-Guiu for the lively discussions during this year’s ESMO congress. We are grateful that this well recognized expert is sharing his insights in the field of endometrial cancers!

Link to the poster:

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