Molecular diagnostics at the highest level: BIOTYPE launches MODAPLEX platform upgrade for multi-gene testing

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BIOTYPE presents a major upgrade of its MODAPLEX platform. The benchtop diagnostic platform for the fully integrated analysis of molecular biomarker signatures has been available since September 2023. With MODAPLEX, professional laboratories in research and clinical settings can now perform highly specialised molecular analyses quickly and easily in an automated manner. Thanks to the compact and powerful MODAPLEX technology, the most important decision-relevant biomarkers can be detected and evaluated simultaneously in a few simple steps. For more than ten years, the Dresden-based molecular diagnostics company has been investing in the development, production, and marketing of molecular test systems for the detection of disease-relevant genetic alterations. Now, BIOTYPE is launching the next generation of its hardware platform by simplifying the software for automated data analysis for the detection and quantification of cancer-related RNA and DNA biomarkers. The MODAPLEX platform is an open system solution. BIOTYPE enables third parties, such as molecular testing system manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies, to develop and market their own assays. This approach expands the market of available tests and increases the attractiveness of MODAPLEX for users who wish to obtain their test kits from multiple sources.

BIOTYPE enters the international platform business

"The launch of the next-generation MODAPLEX system also marks our entry into the international business for molecular testing platforms," said Dr Norman Gerstner, CEO of BIOTYPE GmbH. "Last year, we repositioned the company in the rapidly growing precision medicine market. In addition to molecular tests for highly specialised diagnostics of complex diseases, we are now expanding our portfolio to include software and instruments. "In addition, MODAPLEX is making an important contribution to meeting the growing demand for sophisticated technologies for multi-gene testing. MODAPLEX maximises the use of existing tissue samples and reduces critical turnaround times," says Norman Gerstner. In less than four hours, the automated workflow of the MODAPLEX platform delivers fast and accurate results to pathologists and clinicians. Decision-relevant RNA and DNA biomarkers are measured simultaneously from a single sample. On this basis, the best possible therapy can be initiated. Thus, BIOTYPE also makes a significant contribution to reducing the cost burden on the healthcare system.

Molecular diagnostics for precision medicine is a fast-growing global market

Precision medicine, also known as personalised medicine, is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with modern cancer medicine. It involves tailoring treatment to a patient's individual disease characteristics, resulting in more effective therapies with fewer side effects. This requires targeted, biomarker-based diagnostics that identify a patient's disease-related genetic and molecular alterations. Personalised medicine reduces the trial-and-error approach, saves time, and minimises the burden on patients. This approach represents a breakthrough in healthcare and underscores the importance of treating patients individually. "The global molecular diagnostics market will be worth almost EUR 17 billion in 2023, of which precision molecular diagnostics will account for around a third. This market will grow at a double-digit rate annually over the next five years and will make a significant contribution to the advancement of medicine and the improvement of healthcare," says Dr Manja Böhme, Chief Commercial Officer at BIOTYPE.

BIOTYPE has more than 20 years of experience in molecular diagnostics

BIOTYPE has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing test systems for precision molecular diagnostics for many years. These include test kits, software for automated data analysis and the MODAPLEX platform for the detection and quantification of RNA and DNA biomarkers. In Germany, the company benefits from a unique ecosystem of partners from industry, clinical practice, and research. This competence network is working together on new solutions for precision medicine. BIOTYPE has established a close partnership with the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden for many years. Professor Dr. med. habil. Michael Albrecht, Medical Director of the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus in Dresden, points out the increasing importance of evidence-based interpretation of biomarkers in individualised and personalised medicine, with which cancer diseases in particular can be treated more successfully than before. "With its Cancer Research Centre, the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus plays a leading role in the treatment of cancer in Germany. Together, we are working to shape modern cancer medicine nationally and internationally," adds Wilhelm Zörgiebel, CEO of BIOTYPE's parent company, Molecular Diagnostics Group GmbH (MDG).

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