Software / Template Files

Allele designation of analyzed samples (genotyping) can be carried out with suitable analysis software, e.g. Genotyper® or GeneMapper™ ID of Applied Biosystems or GenoProof® of the company qualitype GmbH. The appropriate software with the imported Biotype® Template Files assigns the analyzed DNA fragments relative to their length to the allele designation (labels) of the STR loci. Optionally, the corresponding length of fragments of the peaks can be indicated in base pairs or the peak height in relative fluorescent units (RFU). These data (genotypes) can be tabulated and exported.
You can download the Biotype® Template Files from this site. On request, we will send you a CD-ROM free of charge.

Biotype® Template Files may be used with the following analysers of Applied Biosystems:
- ABI PRISM® 310 Genetic Analyzer
- ABI PRISM® 3100/3130 Genetic Analyzer

Biotype® Template Files are available from:
- Genotyper® Version 2.5 (Macintosh®)
- Genotyper® Version 3.7 (Windows®)
- GeneMapper™ ID Software Version 3.1 (Windows®)

The GeneMapper™ ID Software substitutes the Genotyper® and GeneScan® Analysis Software from Applied Biosystems.

Attention: Before using the GeneMapper™ ID Software for the first time the Biotype® template files have to be saved locally on the analysis computer in the  "AppliedBiosystems -> GeneMapper" folder (Windows® PC only).

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