LabCon 2024

24th April 2024
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Meet BIOTYPE at the "LabCon2024"!

Visit our booth at the Omnilab laboratory fair "LabCon2024" on April 24th in Leipzig and learn more about the MODAPLEX system and how easy the integration of multigene tests into the laboratory routine can be.

We will not only present the latest technology at our booth, but also give a lecture on the various applications of the MODAPLEX system for the analysis of targeted biomarker panels and the development of own multiplex assays.

Meet Manja Böhme at LabCon2024. She will be happy to answer your questions about the MODAPLEX system and explain how BIOTYPE can help you to simplify your molecular diagnostic workflows in the lab.

Join us and discover the future of molecular stratification in the lab!

Register for the event at the following link:

  • 24 April 2024
  • Media City Atelier Leipzig, Deutschland
  • Stand Event 2, Vortrag: Backstage 11:30 Uhr