Meet the New Faces behind Biotype’s Transformational Leadership

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We are delighted to announce that BIOTYPE is entering a new phase of its corporate development with the appointment of Dr. Norman Gerstner as new CEO and Dr. Felix Zörgiebel as new CTO succeeding Dr. Karim Tabiti effective April 1, 2022.

We are extremely excited to be continuing this journey with our new visionary leaders to bring BIOTYPE to the next level of innovation and to manifest our vision of making BIOTYPE a leading technology and solution provider in molecular diagnostics. Not only that, but BIOTYPE will also transcend into a modern customer- and people-centric company, more agile, more inclusive, more purposeful.

BIOTYPE as a whole owes Dr. Karim Tabiti an enormous debt of gratitude for developing BIOTYPE into a fully integrated molecular diagnostics company, leading the firm through a period of significant change and many challenges. Through his function in the umbrella organization Molecular Diagnostics Group, he will continue to support the further development of BIOTYPE.

We are extremely grateful to the shareholders of BIOTYPE, especially the managing director of the Molecular Diagnostics Group, Dr. Wilhelm Zörgiebel, for his continuous support and valuable leadership in shaping the future of BIOTYPE GmbH.

To a fresh new start; to building on our legacy.