“Team Intelligence” behind Biotype’s Transformational Leadership

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Transitioning into transformational leadership entails transformational changes. As Biotype is transforming and entering a new phase of development, it was vital for us to ensure that we decentralize decision making and adopt a more efficient approach. We value all aspects of our business that makes us a full-service provider in the molecular diagnostics industry, and we believe in a management that adopts a “Team Intelligence” approach.

When we recently announced Dr. Norman Gerstner as our new CEO and Dr. Felix Zörgiebel as our new CTO, we received immense support from our community.

We are also extremely eager to announce our three new leaders alongside Norman and Felix that will be taking on different roles and responsibilities within Biotype’s management team.

Dr. Kerstin Korn as Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Manja Böhme as Chief Commercial Officer

Rico Wünsche as Chief Financial Officer

Norman, Felix, Kerstin, Manja, and Rico- each of them has been an integral part of Biotype’s culture since their joining and their valuable contributions have helped shape Biotype’s success and long-standing expertise. We are certain that, through their exemplary leadership, strong passion and motivation, and growth-driven mindset, they will further develop Biotype into a leading technology and solution provider in the molecular diagnostics industry.

We are excited to be continuing our journey while sharing our moments of success and transformation with our dedicated partners and customers.

As always: To a fresh new start and to building on our legacy.