Strategic partnership to improve multi-cancer early detection through simple blood test.

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The Molecular Diagnostics Group GmbH (MDG) and the Swiss company 4D Lifetec AG announce a strategic partnership to further industrialize the 4D Lifetest™ liquid biopsy assay.

The 4D Lifetest has the potential to detect different types of cancer at an early stage as well as to monitor the course of a patient's disease, using a simple blood sample. Core to this assay is 4D’s unique transformational biomarker.
Aims of the partnership are to advance the industrial production of the assay and the automation of the workflow to make 4D Lifetest™ suitable for high-throughput applications.

As member of the Molecular Diagnostics Group, BIOTYPE contributes its expertise in precision diagnostics to aid in the commercialization of this novel and promising solution for cancer detection.

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