The intuitive software for automated chimerism analysis


  • Speeds up data analysis for BIOTYPE chimerism kits
  • Supports identification of informative markers
  • Automates chimerism analysis from preTx genotyping to postTx monitoring
  • Builds a database for result management
  • Reports chimerism values as longitudinal PDF report and .csv export

ChimerisMonitor is the professional software for automated chimerism analysis combining speed and accuracy with an intuitive and customized interface. The software mediates analysis of chimerism samples from initial genotyping to highly sensitive quantification of residual donor or recipient cells. It automatically identifies donor or recipient signals and provides a ranking of identified loci regarding their informativity. It calculates percent-chimerism from various specimens and depicts the standard deviation of each analysis. Obtained results are summarized in a comprehensive report conferring clarity and providing overview in longitudinal studies.

Product Specifications

  • Assays analyzed
  • Mentype® Chimera®, Mentype® DIPscreen, Mentype®DIPquant
  • Status
  • For research use only (RUO)*, Coming soon as IVD
  • Data input
  • fsa/hidfiles, txt files
  • Data visualizing
  • Electropherogram, calculation results, overview about results in 1 sample sheet, PDF report with longitudinal chimerism kinetics
  • Data processing
  • Database included for saving of pre transplant and post transplant data
  • Turnaround time
  • 5 min per sample

Product References

  1. Al-Akioui Sanz, K. et al. Familial CD45RA– T cells to treat severe refractory infections in immunocompromised patients. Front. Med. 10. (2023)
  2. Ferreras, C. et al. Results of phase 2 randomized multi-center study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of infusion of memory T cells as adoptive therapy in severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pneumonia and/or lymphopenia (RELEASE NCT04578210). Cytotherapy 26, 25-35, (2024)
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Ordering Information


Cat. No.: D00001
Status: RUO*

*RUO - Research Use Only products must be validated by the customer with clinically relevant material for diagnostic purposes.

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