DIP Positive Control DPC

Qualitative Positive Control for DIP Polymorphisms


  • Qualitative Positive Control for DIP-Assays (Insertion-Deletion Polymorphism)
  • Check your PCR performance with suitable, external control material
  • Application e.g. for Mentype® DigitalScreen, Mentype® DigitalQuant, Mentype® DIPquant

The DIP Positive Control DPC is a DNA mixture that is positive for 35 deletion insertion polymorphisms (DIP) plus the loci SRY and SMCY. Therefore, it is an ideal, qualitative external positive control for DIP-PCR assays.


The DIP Positive Control DPC is positive for the following deletion-insertion polymorphisms: Reference, 79-I, 105-D/-I, 134-D/-I, SRY, 82-D/-I, 106-D/-I, 140-I, SMCY, 84-D/-I, 110-I, 152-D, 23-I, 88-D/-I, 112-I, 163-D/-I, 38-I, 91-D/-I, 114-D/-I, 301-D/-I, 48-I, 97-I, 116-D/-I, 304-D, 53-D/-I, 101-D/-I, 128-D/-I, 305-D/-I, 67-D/-I, 103-D/-I, 131-D/-I, 307-D/-I, 70-D/-I, 104-D/-I, 133-I, 310-D/-I

Product Specifications

  • Panel
  • 35 deletion-insertion polymorphisms (DIPs)
  • Concentration
  • 5 ng/µL
  • Reactions
  • 20 reactions
  • To be used with
  • e.g. Mentype® DigitalScreen, Mentype® DigitalQuant, Mentype® DIPquant
  • Data analysis
  • Device-specific software


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Ordering Information

DIP Positive Control DPC

Size: 100 µL
Cat. No.: 00-10030-0100
Status: RUO*

*RUO - Research Use Only, not for diagnostic purposes.

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