Mentype® DigitalScreen/ DigitalQuant

For Digital Quantification of Chimerism Samples

The precise and sensitive determination of chimerism status is essential to evaluate the therapeutic success of allogeneic bone marrow or stem cell transplantation. The new digital droplet PCR technology (ddPCR) combines over a very wide measuring range high sensitivity with precise quantification and therefore is excellently suitable for chimerism monitoring.

The Mentype® DigitalScreen/ DigitalQuant approach deploys the ddPCR technology that allows absolute quantification of chimerism samples. Mentype® DigitalScreen represents the screening tool for fast identification of recipient or donor specific Deletion/Insertion Polymorphisms (DIP, INDEL) in preTx samples. Mentype® DigitalQuant assays quantitatively address identified DIP loci in postTx monitoring samples and represent a set of 29 different duplex assays.

Absolute quantification of chimerism samples with ddPCR technology neither requires standard curves nor the analysis of replicates. For post-Tx monitoring of patient samples a strong reduction of hands-on time can thus be achieved. Furthermore, the ddPCR method is particularly suitable for the difficult-to-quantify area of mixed chimerism. Hence, the new Mentype® DigitalScreen/ DigitalQuant assays optimally cover the analytical range of chimerism analysis.


Mentype® DigitalScreen                 Order Number
4 Plates                 45-64610-0004
Mentype® DigitalQuant                 Order Number
25 Reactions                 45-020xx*-0025
* xx specifies the DIP-assay