Mentype® DigitalScreen/ DigitalQuant

Digital PCR (dPCR) is a powerful PCR technique that combines exact quantification and high reproducibility over a very wide measurement range with excellent sensitivity. The principle of dPCR is based on dividing the whole sample mix into thousands of identical small compartments before thermocycling takes place. Thus, the sample becomes diluted with the consequence that individual compartments may or may not contain one target molecule. All compartments are amplified in parallel but separately and are detected by endpoint analysis based on fluorescence detection where an all-or-none, i.e., digital, signal is obtained. The individual positive and negative reactions can be counted and quantified using Poisson statistics. Therefore, in contrast to qPCR, no standard curve is necessary for quantification.

The kit Mentype® DigitalScreen is a research product for the qualitative determination of the genotype from two human DNA samples. After the genotyping, mixed samples from these DNAs can be quantified using the research kits Mentype® DigitalQuant. The result is an absolute quantification of human DNA ratios in these mixed samples. Applying the digital PCR technology, a high sensitivity and reproducibility can be achieved using an optimized DNA input.

Mentype® DigitalScreen                 Order Number
4 Plates                 45-64610-0004
Mentype® DigitalQuant                 Order Number
25 Reactions                 45-020xx*-0025
* xx specifies the DIP-assay