QPCR POLE Mutation Analysis Kit

Efficient Screening of Relevant POLE Mutations for Clinical Research

The POLE gene encodes the catalytic subunit of DNA polymerase epsilon, which is responsible for proofreading during DNA replication. Mutations in the POLE exonuclease domain are examined for the staging of endometrial tissue samples in clinical research.

The QPCR POLE Mutation Analysis Kit detects six major mutations and can distinguish five according to international guidelines (S31, ESMO2). This kit is designed for common qPCR instruments and integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow, making it a valuable addition to your research arsenal.

1 S3-Leitlinie Endometriumkarzinom, AWMF-Registernummer: 032/034-OL
2 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.annonc.2022.05.009

Mutation Coverage

Exon Amino acid change
9 P286R
13 V411L (G > C, G > T)
14 A456P

Product Features

  • High sensitivity - 1 % VAF (2 % tumor content)
  • Low DNA input - 8 ng/sample (2 x 4 ng)
  • Fast results - 2 h from DNA to result
  • No bioinformatics - Intuitive data analysis using instrument software, no further calculation required
  • No specific equipment - Use your qPCR instrument (6-FAM, VIC, ROX, Cy5 detection required)

Optimize Your Workflow for POLE Testing

The QPCR POLE Mutation Analysis Kit takes advantage of qPCR testing for a fast and targeted screening. The test kit is designed to be compatible with widely used qPCR instruments and integrates seamlessly into existing workflows to streamline processes and optimize resources.

Product Specification

Cat No. 35-14900-0100
Regulatory status RUO*
Tissue Endometrial tissue
Sample type DNA from FFPE tissue
Mutation variants 6
Kit size 100 reactions / 2 x 50 tests
Platform Real-Time PCR

*RUO - Research Use Only products must be validated by the customer with clinically relevant material for diagnostic purposes.



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