Sampletype i-sep® DL-MB

Highly Efficient and Powerful Differential Lysis

    • Efficient and reproducible separation of DNA fractions during differential lysis
    • Fast and easy to perform DNA preparation in the same device without extra pipetting steps
    • Minimized risk of cross-contaminations and mix-ups (no manual substrate transfer)
    • Ethylene oxide sterilized to guarantee a RNA, DNA, RNase and DNase free product
    • Increased effectiveness of the DNA extraction due to the lysis buffer Sampletype i-sep® MB

    The success of an optimal separation of DNA derived from victim and offender hinges on an efficient differential lysis. Vaginal smears derived from sexual offenses are particularly challenging due to the large number of female epithelial cells compared to the small number of sperm cells. The method relies on the differential lysis of epithelial cells and sperm cells by an optimized proprietary buffer. The combination of the buffer Sampletype i-sep® MB with the i-sep® DL Spin Column provides the perfect solution to this problem. The proprietary filter material allows the lysis and separation to be carried out in the same device and without extra pipetting steps. For a subsequent DNA purification, manual or automated methods can be used.

    Product   Size             Cat. No.
    Sampletype i-sep® DL-MB   100             70-13701-0100
    Sampletype i-sep® DL-MB   250             70-13701-0250

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