Sampletype i-sep® SQ-MB

Efficient DNA Extraction to Increase DNA Yield

  • Improved yield, reproducibility, and overall purity of isolated DNA even from low sample inputs
  • Fast and easy to perform DNA preparation in the same device without extra pipetting steps
  • Minimized risk of cross-contaminations and mix-ups (no manual substrate transfer)
  • Ethylene oxide sterilized to guarantee a RNA, DNA, RNase and DNase free product
  • Increased effectiveness of the DNA extraction due to the lysis buffer Sampletype i-sep® MB

The quantity and quality of genomic DNA extracted from any sample can greatly impact the success of the downstream analysis and the overall quality of the result. This is particularly important for samples of low quantity which might contain degraded DNA or PCR inhibitors. Sampletype i-sep® SQ was optimized to provide DNA lysates of highest quality. The proprietary filter material (SQ) enables cell disruption and separation of the cell lysate containing the DNA in the same device without extra pipetting steps. The column system is suitable for DNA extraction procedures involving a diversity of samples like forensic specimens, or even FFPE sample material. In combination with the proprietary lysis buffer, Sampletype i-sep® MB is highly effective for DNA extraction. For the subsequent DNA purification, manual or automated methods can be used.

Product   Size             Cat. No.
Sampletype i-sep® SQ-MB   250             70-13702-0250
Sampletype i-sep® SQ-MB   500             70-13702-0500

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