Mentype® DIPscreen CE-IVD

Highly quantitative chimerism control after allogeneic stem cell transplantation - The entrance of the combined strategy

Mentype® DIPscreen, a multiplex-PCR application was developed to genotype donor and recipient samples identifying informative deletion/insertion (DIP, INDEL) polymorphisms for distinct chimerism analysis.

Mentype® DIPscreen mediates the switch from semi-quantitative multiplex-PCR approaches towards the sensitive real-time PCR technique for highly quantitative chimerism monitoring. The flexible assay format allows individual single-sample diagnostics and high throughput analysis at any time while using only minimal amounts of consumables.

The assay constitutes a multiplex-PCR application simultaneously screening 33 DIP-markers together with the gender specific locus Amelogenin for donor and recipient differentiation.

A convenient number of informative loci can be identified with only one amplification reaction ensuring precise investigations of chimerism in related and unrelated donor/recipient pairs. Particular informative DIP-loci can subsequently be addressed by the specific Mentype® DIPquant real-time PCR assay.


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