Molecular Oncology

Solid tumor genetic testing plays a vital role in confirming, staging, and successfully treating various types of cancer. By examining genetic alterations within solid tumors, researchers, pathologists, and clinicians can obtain valuable insights into the mechanisms that impact tumor growth, prognosis, and response to therapy.

BIOTYPE provides a top-quality solution portfolio of robust and reliable molecular tests, designed for applications in clinical research and diagnostics within the field of oncology.

Molecular Profiling for Clinical Research

Rapid and Highly Sensitive Tumor Profiling Tailored to Your Requirements

BIOTYPE offers high-quality solutions for robust and reliable molecular tumor analysis on your standard Real-Time PCR systems, enabling sensitive and cost-effective detection of genetic alterations in solid tumor samples.
For more advanced molecular profiling, BIOTYPE offers the MODAPLEX platform, a benchtop system for automated analysis of clinically actionable molecular markers. Combined with the MODAPLEX assays the system facilitates rapid and reliable biomarker identification in less than 4 hours turnaround time, including the integrated bioinformatics.

Assay** Targets Status
QPCR POLE Mutation
Analysis Kit
6 major POLE mutations RUO*
Mutation Analysis Kit
19 relevant mutations
within POLE/POLD1
MODAPLEX MSI Analysis Kit 5 mononucleotide markers
2 dinucleotide repeat markers

*RUO - Research Use Only products must be validated by the customer with clinically relevant material for diagnostic purposes.
**More assays coming soon