Mentype® DIPquant CE-IVD

Highly quantitative chimerism control after allogeneic stem cell transplantation - The quantitative part of the combined strategy

Mentype® DIPquant assays quantitatively approach identified DIP polymorphisms and provide chimerism monitoring with a detection limit lowered to 0.05 % sensitivity. Relevant DIP-loci are addressed through allele-specific qPCR monoplex reactions of which in total 56 are available. All assays were designed running with the same qPCR parameters to allow parallel analysis of several DNA-markers at one time and analysis of different patient samples in only one run. Mentype® DIPquant assays mediate robust and routine-fit analysis enabling early detection and early intervention of imminent relapse.

Mentype® DIPscreen/DIPquant analysis is targeted, fast and cost effective.

Combining multiplex-PCR with real-time PCR analysis reflects a comprehensive strategy to reliably and individually monitor the post-transplant progress. The single reaction format mediates maximal flexibility allowing single- as well as multi-sample throughput. Mentype® DIP analysis is making personalized diagnostics routine-fit.


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25 Reactions                 45-015xx*-0025

*xx specifies the particular DIPquant-assay