Press release 13-12-2018

SYNLAB and Biotype collaborate on advanced diagnostics in gastrointestinal cancers (GI) or endometrial cancer (EC) for immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI)

SYNLAB Pharma, a subsidiary of SYNLAB Holding Deutschland GmbH announces that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Biotype with the intention to offer a Europe-wide clinical trial service for MSI and POLE/POLD1 mutation detection to indicate if patients harboring from GI cancer or EC would benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy. The tests will be performed with the Modaplex technology, a PCR load-and-go-away benchtop system that is used to detect all types of genetic aberrations simultaneously in just 3.5 hours.

Under the agreement, the tests will be verified according to CAP or CLIA guidelines for clinical research organizations allowing for an immediate application of these assays in a clinical trial environment. The service will be initially set up at SYNLAB Germany (Oncoscreen) and is easily further expandable “Our desire is that through this collaboration more pharmaceutical companies and CROs will gain access to a multicenter laboratory service which is, in fact, as comfortable as planning and performing a single center study,” said Dr. Martin Roskos, Chief Medical Officer at SYNLAB Holding Deutschland GmbH. 

Blocking of immune checkpoint pathways by targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 axis have proven clinical response to a variety of tumor entities1,2, but still there is a great heterogeneity in clinical response. MSI and POLE/POLD1 exonuclease domain mutations are indicated as suitable marker to identify patients most likely to derive benefit from ICI therapies3,4,5,6. Both are common events in GI cancers and EC, they are associated with increased number of neo-antigens and T-Cell infiltration and a co-occurrence between the phenotypes MSI-High and high tumor mutational burden (TMB-high) have been reported for gastrointestinal cancers7"With the Modaplex platform, Biotype supports SYNLAB´s philosophy of a highly effective laboratory service," said Dr. Karim Tabiti, Chief Executive Officer at Biotype. “This collaboration provides clients with a great set of MSI and POLE/POLD1 information in a time- and cost-effective manner.” 

Both companies state that the Modaplex MSI Analysis Kit and the complementary Modaplex POLE/POLD1 Mutation Analysis Kit are just the beginning of the further cooperation of molecular multi-analyte testing services on the Modaplex platform.


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